About Us

About AIpatent AIpatent is a brand-new service brand created by Nanjing Shenside Information Technology LLC (Limited Liability Company) based on the long-term experience and the data accumulation of Gochi companies (here refers to a collection of Beijing Gochi, Tianjin Gochi, Shanghai Gochi, etc.) in the patent industry and the observation and reflection of pain points in the industry. AIpatent services, including but not limited to sections such as machine translation, patent dictionary, concept search, Chinese version of the US and Japanese patent database, and cutting-edge patents introduction. AIpatent aims to help global patent practitioners quickly learn and make flexible use of global patent information without difficulties. Application for trial At present, we have launched five products as below. 1. If you are an individual user, you can apply to use the above products by directly entering t.aipatent.com ,d.aipatent.com,a.aipatent.com,c.aipatent.com and x.aipatent.com. The detailed product introduction can be found on relevant pages. 2. If you are an enterprise user with the need to customize related services or apply to your company, please email us at support@aipatent.com, and we will contact you.